Live from the
Light Within

- Kristen Antunes



I have a deep love for meditation and what it can do to change you. I approach both life and work with sincerity, honesty, and compassion. To me, there is nothing more rewarding than seeing a client change the way they feel.



Teaching meditation has been one of the most rewarding practices I have ever had the pleasure of experiencing. One of my favourite aspects of teaching is watching someone’s eyes light up when they have an “ah-ha” moment after they learn something life-changing. Giving someone the opportunity to see stress and life challenges in a new light has motivated me to continue this work. So far, the most incredible experience  has been teaching children. Their curiosity, wonder and eagerness to learn has taught me so much more about this practice than any book or class ever could. I know if I had the chance to learn about meditation as a young child, it would have changed my life for the better.



Come One, Come All



Client Reviews

Kristen is a warm and comforting soul. She and I connected immediately, when we met. Her voice and spirit is settling and inspiring. Guided meditation with her not only affected my life and process, but the lives of my three children. She came into my home and nestled right in to our flow and their space, so well. She’s undoubtedly walking out a key piece of her life’s purpose through this avenue of self care.
— Christine Johnston
I enjoyed the short periods of meditation because it taught me to breathe in and calm my soul.
— Jessy - Grade 5
Kristen guided me through my first meditation experience. Her positive attitude and friendly disposition immediately put me at ease. She’s very educated in this practice and does a great job translating the information for a newbie to understand. I recommend her for anyone looking to gain some knowledge in the art of mediation to help them relax, reflect, and ground themselves in stressful situations.
— Katie Martin
I turned to Kristen to learn meditation in a time of need. I had been interested in learning about meditation for a while, and after a few significant life changes I felt a couple gentle pushes encouraging me to explore more. The more I learn about meditation the more I discover my interest and need for it changes. Kristen has been a true mentor in allowing me to evolve and guiding my personal journey.
— Laurie Brown
It was fun and relaxing
— Jade - Grade 4