Why Meditate?

Meditation is for everyone. All you need is an intention and your breath. Whether you’re looking for tools to manage stress or looking for peace, calm and balance in the chaos of life, meditation is the answer.

Through evidence-based science, meditation has become a recognized, beneficial practice.  A daily meditation practice has been shown to change the fabric of the brain, creating space for more positive thoughts, emotions and feelings.





Working with you individually, or as a family, we can create a meditation session structured specifically for your unique needs and intentions.

$40 for 30-45 session
$50 for 60 min session


60-90 minute Meditation Workshops

The content can be tailored to specific events or needs.

 $40 per person

MEDITATION and Mindfulness

Working in schools (or at home), I can provide meditation and mindfulness sessions specifically designed for children. Introducing simple practices to help them cope with stress, and ways to find happiness in their daily lives.  

 Please contact for pricing


I can provide an introduction to meditation in your workplace or at a corporate event. These sessions can be workplace stress oriented, or tailored to the event’s specific needs.

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