Meditation has interested me for many years, but I never had the resources to learn more.

I was unaware of local teachers and it seemed like an insurmountable task to learn on my own. Throughout the years, the pressure of maintaining my career, social life, and engaging in meaningful relationships continued to increase. I found myself responding to this pressure through automatic reflex, often at the expense of my relationships and myself. I came to the realization I needed help in learning an effective way to cope with this pressure and stress. Hoping to bring balance to my chaotic life, I turned to the practice of meditation.

Although I knew meditation would help me find the peace and balance I was craving, it was also intimidating. I was hesitant, thinking to myself, “how can someone sit silently without thinking or feeling anything?” It didn’t seem realistic. In October 2016, my best friend and I travelled to Edmonton to attend “Its Time to Bloom” for a spiritual experience. Initially, we planned on a weekend of yoga; however, our interest in meditation lead us to sign up for various meditation seminars instead. The introduction to meditation taught me about using this practice for stress relief, emotional and spiritual growth, being more mindful and present, and enjoying life to the fullest.

It all started...

During our weekend in Edmonton, we attended a seminar by Mandy Trapp of Lifestyle meditation. She was intelligent, graceful, inviting, nurturing, and relatable. Mandy quickly helped me realize meditation can be created and moulded to assist in various aspects of life, depending on the intention of practice. I immediately signed up for the teacher training offered from her studio. The time I spent training with Mandy completely changed my life. I am able to utilize the space between my thoughts and actions. My responses that used to be unwanted reflexes have now become a peaceful and empowering movement.

Teaching group workshops and private clients has been an incredible experience. Watching their “ah-ha” moments reminds me of my own journey and further motivates my urge to spread the beauty of a meditation practice.

While I love all of my meditation experiences, I have found my true passion in teaching children the practice of mindfulness and meditation. Children bring simplicity to mediation in their wonder, curiosity, and engagement. They already know how to be mindful, live in the moment, and cope with stress which is a truly beautiful thing in this practice. In teaching them, they inherently teach me.